Fashion : Time to suit up
Beauty : 4 Lips of ohe day (Lip colors)
Lee Cheong Ah
Horan & Saza band
Fashion : New Direction
GGPX 2018 F/W Campaign with Hyo Min
Clride.n 2018 F/W Campaign with Hyun Ah & Nam Joo Hyuk
L'escape Hotel
Fashion : 유치찬란 (High Fashion)
Fashion : WoMan (Swimsuit)
Arang Drang 2018 Look Book
Fashion : Ugly Chic (Trend)
Fashion : Clear (PVC)
Beauty10 cover with Lee Se Yeong
Hubbish 2018 Look Book
Fashion : Sleek silver (Autumn trend)
Fashion : Rainy all day (Drooped)
여성동아(Woman Dong-A) cover with Lee Hyun Yi
Fashion : Summer night out (Swim wear)
GARIZ 2017 F/W Look Book
Fashion : Talk'n about (Typography)
Watch Series : More than classic(Classic) / Diver watch(Water) / Brilliant to watch(Luxury)
LULU Hair & Make-up Studio 2017 S/S Wedding Look Book
Fashion : Lazy Sunday
Elenire 2017 Campaign
Fashion : Awaken (Ruffle)
Clride.n 2017 S/S Campaign (Hyun Ah & Lee Cheol Woo)
Fashion : The bigger the better (Oversized)
Fashion : New movement (Coat)
Watch Series : Make me shine(Steel) / 일상의 시간들(Daily) / Paradox(Light and shadow) / Happy ever after(Wedding)
Fashion : Romantic ridding (Rider jacket)
NC.A 1st full album 'Time to be a woman'
Watch Series : Champion(Sports) / Steel life(Metal) / L'amants(Couple) / Legend of the fall(Autumn) / Miracles in December
Top Girl 2016 S/S Campaign (Peggy Gould)
Clride.n 2016 S/S Campaign (Hyun Ah & Yang Hong Seok)
여성동아(Woman Dong-A) cover with Son Yeo Eun
Sung Yu Ri in Hong Kong
여성동아(Woman Dong-A) cover with Park Jeong Ah
Chun Woo Hee
여성동아(Woman Dong-A) cover with Lee Hye Won
Goo Jae Yee
Goh Woo Ri & Oh Seung Ah from Rainbow
Nam Bo Ra
Hong Soo Hyeon : Film reprise
Hong Soo Hyeo
Jin Se Yeon
Clride.n 2015 F/W Campaign (Hyun Ah from 4minute & Yeo Chang Goo)
Hyo Min : Film reprise
Hyo Min
Top Girl 2015 F/W Campaign
Woman body builder champions : Lee Hyeon Min, Hong Joo Yeon, Hong Yoo Ri
Jang Hee Jin : Film reprise
Jang Hee Jin
Dinuet 2016 S/S Campaign
Jeong Seon Ah
ES.Dew (Cheon Ee Seul)
Nana in Hong Kong
Kim Hee Jeong
Kim Sae Rom
Chae Yeon single album '안봐도 비디오'
Koo Ha Ra
Han Seon Hwa
Blue Mountain (Lovelyz)
Han Seung Yeon
NC.A single album '통금시간'
Kim Hee Ae in Hong Kong
Rie Young Zin
Lee Seong Kyeong
Lamucha 2015 S/S Campaign (Miss Korea Shim Ha Jeong)
Hwang Gi BBeum
Hwang Woo Seul Hye
Shin Soo Ji
Kim So Hyeon
Hyo Lyn
Hong Eun Hee
So Ih Hyeon
Yoo Seon
Lee Hye Jeong
Jin Seo Yeon
Lee Yul Eum
Kim Yoo Jeong
Hyo Min
Han Seon Hwa
Benefit Project Editorial (Park Min Ji)
Kang So Ra
Shu Uemura Project Editorial
Benefit (Jang Jae In)
Top Girl (Jeon So Min)
Shu Uemura Project Editorial
Kim Tae Hee
The Post December Lookbook (Film Remastered)